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About Us

Berger van Berchem & Cie:
a simple link for a complex world

For more than thirty years, Berger van Berchem & Cie has been helping you make the most fundamental decisions to optimize your wealth. We strive to understand your global situation, your personal aspirations, your life choices and your financial objectives. Based on this relationship of trust, which is the foundation of our business, we rely on the best experts to provide you with the right answers, not only in wealth management, but also in legal, tax family estate planning matters.

Our total independence allows us to propose the most appropriate investment vehicles and to select the most appropriate banking institutions. We carry out your orders with the depositary banks in complete autonomy, in the exclusive service of your interests. Our entrepreneurial spirit, the diversity and complementary skills of our teams, the agility of each of the personnel throughout organization and the solidity of a long-term vision guarantee a relationship where your requirements are our guide and your satisfaction our driving force.

Our Team

  • January 1, 2022 Financial Service Provider Information 
    The Clients of Berger, van Berchem & Cie SA acknowledge the following:

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