Your assets, our mission

We are loyal,
attentive and honest


We manage,
advise and
invest with you


We are competent and independent experts

About Us

Loyalty, responsibility and trust are the cornerstones of our action

Our human, consistent and personalized approach is based on a solid and proven value chain. The fundamental mission of Berger van Berchem & Cie is to help you manage your assets, make them prosper and prepare them for the future. This requires a strong sense of responsibility and an unshakeable foundation built upon trust which we believe is  essential to serve your interests. It all starts with an unquestionable sense of loyalty.

This sense of loyalty means that we are attentive and listen to your needs, and desires. Being loyal also requires being completely transparent at all times, providing you with detailed information, about your financial and asset strategies. Finally, our loyalty commands that we follow the most stringent compliance and risk management rules in complete serenity, whatever the circumstances may be.

Our values 

  • Consistency

    We attach the utmost importance to building consistent and dependable relationships with our clients and apply this same consistent approach to the financial markets and to the performance we seek to achieve for our clients through our selection of investment vehicles. Consistency is what builds trust.

  • Loyalty

    You entrust us with the task of enhancing the quality and performance of your assets. This founding act of our relationship requires the unequivocal loyalty that ensures understanding and calm decision-making. We bring you an expert and benevolent external view.

  • Attention

    The human dimension of our role is fundamental. It conditions the success of the relationship we build with you. Carefully listening to you allows us to understand and advise you.

  • Drive 

    Together with you, we determine your objectives, setting the framework for our action. We deploy our technical skills and know-how to achieve your goals, without ever relinquishing the responsibility entrusted to us.

  • Respect

    Respect for people, respect for rules, respect for the trade. This intangible value permeates all our activities and characterizes our integrity.

  • Transparency 

    Detailed calculations and risks, clear explanations of the products we offer, details of our investment strategies, careful monitoring of your portfolio, compliance with the most stringent rules: we operate with complete transparency, because trust is not a hollow word.

  • Independence 

    As independent managers we act as informed and totally autonomous intermediaries able to propose the best solutions for you without any conflict of interest.

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